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Rozanne Hauser

Rozanne Sky 1. Rozanne Sky 2
Rozanne Sky 3. Rozanne Tree

About the Artist

Born in Buffalo, New York, Rozanne moved as a child to Arizona. As an adult she returned to the east to live in the Berkshires, where she raised her sons, moving to Connecticut after the death of her husband.

Here in Connecticut, Rozanne made a new life for herself, retiring recently as a psychotherapist. She now devotes much of her energy to painting, and enjoying life with Lou Mazzotta, her life partner, and Stella and Blanche, their dogs. Her artistic journey has included watercolor, bead work, drawing, painting in acrylics, and finally pastels, her current passion. In each of these mediums it has been the excitement of color which has brought her healing, and renewed her joy in life. Rozanne has exhibited widely.