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D.J. Shaw

D.J. Shaw

About the Artist

Inspired by my love of architectural beauty and nature, my pen and ink drawings reflect that inspiration. I find pen and ink quill drawing very time consuming, but extremely rewarding. I don’t limit my drawings to any one particular subject or area. I find all great architecture and Mother Nature’s never ending sense of beauty very influential and gratifying. I also enjoy working in watercolor and acrylics, but never limit the medium of choice at any one time.


I have worked professionally in the commercial graphic arts and printing industry for the past 25 years and been a free lance artist most of my life. Most people consider me a self-taught artist, but there’s much to be said for on the job training, tight deadlines and pleasing the customers.


Recently, I have been devoting more time to the pursuit of fine arts. I am a member of the Women Artists Collective (Windsor, CT) and the Tobacco Valley Artists Association (Somers, CT). I reside in Enfield, CT with my husband, two college age children and my dog.