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Helen Davenport - stained glass artist

Helen Davenport

About the Artist

I have been an artist most of my life. It didn't matter what materials were at hand. I thrived just creating with whatever was available or whatever art form caught my fancy. My college years sparked an interest in heirloom crafts due to my interest in colonial history. I was a weaver, spinner, natural dyer. I did quilting and needlework. Variations on these arts held my interest for many years.


As an adult I have dabbled in jewelry making, doll making and stained glass. I have primarily been captivated by stained glass for the last 20 years. I have created large commissioned panels and created small pieces of stained glass jewelry for people. I am forever looking for another way to creatively present a stained glass piece. I have saved many of the scraps from my glass work. I figure the next venture will be mosaics. It doesn't matter what the medium is, I delight in giving everything that passes my way a creative twist. My garden reflects this from March to November.