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Martha Simpson

Alice Turcotte

About the Artist

Martha Simpson is a graduate of Tufts University with a BS in Education and an MS in Education from The University of Connecticut in teaching the gifted.


Martha officially fell in love with wool at the age of 5 when she won a sheep at a county fair. She wasn’t allowed to keep the sheep but found an interest in embroidery, stitchery, sewing, needlepoint, blackwork, weaving and latch hook rug making. Then about Four years ago, she began to took up fiber art and yes, there was her sheep beginning to surface again. “I began to learn a process called Nuno Felting which utilizes silk and fine wool to form beautiful patterns in the fabric, ultimately creating a rouching effect through the shrinkage of the wool and the gathering of the silk through the wetting process. Needle felting, a dry process, which merges fiber and fabric became my next interest.”